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Trump's Deal with the Devil

How did we get to January 6th, 2021, when a riotous group of domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capitol Building?

Let me walk you through the Political Action Group's -- Psychological Operations Officer's playbook. When *Trump* ran for president the first time he was an abysmal failure . . . then he ran again.

What was the difference?

The difference was a group of rogue government-trained psychological operations officers from several services around the world. These specialists have been manipulating elections all over the world for decades . . . it was inevitable that these rogues would show up on US soil.

They are called, Mass Population Manipulation Specialists . . . and if you have enough money, you can become the leader of the United States, too. Several of these rogue specialists contacted *Trump* to prove they could manipulate the US election. *Trump* hired them. They created a company called, Cambridge Analytica. When that got burned down, several of those individuals teamed up with other rogue Mass Population Manipulation Specialists and became the world's most wanted group of terrorists . . . QAnon.

Stay tuned. MTF.


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