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We're having an exciting time here at Team SILENTCATS. The reception of JD Wallace's spy romance novel -- based on a true story -- has been met with much acclaim . . . and some shock at the stunning revelations about how the US intelligence network really works. Along with the support of the wonderfully embracing thriller community, JD Wallace stands ready to take on the next challenge in his rising-star career: Becoming a USA Today bestselling author, or even, a New York Times bestselling author. And all as a first-time novelist.

Come join us at this Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016, for a 99 cent eBook sale of SILENT CATS: Deadly Dance. This promotional price is only available for 7 days and ends June 29th, 2016.

Help us launch JD Wallace as the next Vince Flynn or Brad Thor and shout out if you are ready to read about the next chapter in Kat and Pantera's tumultuous lives as they chase down the arch villain and the hidden organization pulling their strings.

Join the SILENTCATS journey --

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