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"A brilliantly insightful trip into the unique experience and tragic romance of two extraordinary people chasing demons through the secret real world. Wallace demonstrates how easily the most extreme and malevolent behavior can become acceptable when redefined within a context that makes any ordinary sense of right and wrong seem meaningless.  His characters are as disturbingly human as any of us, and frighteningly likeable and real from an altered perspective on the everyday world we only thought we knew."

Keith Harary, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Institute for Advanced Psychology

Best-selling author, Who Do You Think You Are?


This emotionally gripping depiction of love, war and espionage is an excellent first installment in what is sure to be a terrific series. A must-read for fans of the hit TV show The Americans. [The complete review can be found at here.]

Bella Wright



I thought this book was amazing. Mr. Wallace has created the most compelling look into the life of a black ops operative while weaving in a story of love, loyalty, and acceptance, managing to stay true to Kat and Pantera's message of a rather unorthodox happily ever after. The two most meaningful words I could say to this author in regards to the opportunity given to me to read and review this book are the two words Pantera and Grit faithfully repeated to the women they cherished and loved: thank you. [The complete review can be found at Goodreads here.]

C.J. Anaya

Author, The Healer Series


“It is Mr. and Mrs. Smith on a different and better level.”

Kathryn Bennett - Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars


“I loved the book, loved the story and the way it was written, and the characters were engaging."

Anne-Marie Reynolds - Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars


“A must read for espionage aficionados around the world.”

Ray Simmons - Readers' Favorite - 4 Stars


“For women readers, this is a romantic international spy novel; for men, it’s an international spy novel with romance – all wrapped up in a true life historical thriller written with Dan Brown flare.”

David S. Larson

Award-winning author,  The Last Jewish Gangster


“A genre blurring writer who writes in three dimensions: thought, [spoken] word and deed; about two real people who readers will love to hate, then just love.”

Anne Lee

Author, The Face Lifter



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