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The Fated

A teenage Fate initiate must overcome disbelief and self-doubt to master her powers while uncovering the dark mystery lurking beneath the surface of a small mountain town in rural Virginia.

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Script -- Completed (has received multiple "Recommend" ratings)

Pitch & Bible Doc are available

Project ready for Pitch, Packaging, and Sale


Honorable Mention, Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition 2022

Winner, Venus Community Awards 2023

Winner, Siren Screenwriting Festival 2022

Winner, Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards 2022

Winner, Pacific Beach International Film Festival 2022

Finalist, Reno Tahoe Screenplay Contest 2022

Semifinalist, Female Voices Rock Film Festival 2022

Semifinalist, Sunvale Screenplay Contest 2022

Quarterfinalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition Spring 2022

Quarterfinalist, Scriptation Showcase - Teleplay Category 2021-2022

The Fated Coverart - Master.jpg
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