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Journey to the Screen

Since 2021, JD and Jennifer have taken time away from their novel writing and have been working tirelessly on a number of pilot scripts (TV series) and a number of fun and exciting features in both the RomCom/Hallmark and True Story genres.

PILOTS (TV Series)

Based on a true story from the 1990s, a Mossad Assassin and CIA Hunter fall in love while chasing a master spy conspiring with a sovereign family to bring about the fall of America. If America falters, so does world democracy.

A suburban mom with a double life as MOSSAD's top assassin battles PTA moms and enemies of Israel while keeping her family safe when a mortal enemy long-thought-dead returns.

Montana cowgirl turned newly minted attorney, Bobbi Lawless, does what she does best: fix people'sproblems. But when she stumbles into the world of the Sovereigns, her whole life is turned upside down.Saving them is not the problem. Will she save herself...

A teenage Fate initiate must overcome disbelief and self-doubt to master her powers while uncovering the dark mystery lurking beneath the surface of a small mountain town in rural Virginia.



Documentary Treatment and Docudrama Script

Based on true events. (A 30-year-old conspiracy theory with over 26 million followers, internationally)

Elizabeth is a young MIT-trained engineer who partners with a cantankerous spy to decode one of the world's oldest and financially crippling conspiracy theories that involves a sitting US president, but at the cost of losing one of their own.
Psychological/Thriller/True Story

I Spy Christmas

Treatment – Witty, espionage slightly dark Christmas RomCom

Widowed CFO Lauren doesn't have time for Christmas, so she outsources her decorating to Jake—a corporate spy who just wants access to her home office. Will the harsh walls of these two incredibly focused people melt under the magic of Christmas?

Holly Flocking Christmas

Treatment – Dark Comedy Female Ensemble.

Holly is a corporate executive who is tired of being the only person in her five-person family who puts up Christmas decorations. This year she enlists the help of her fellow exec moms, moms-to-be, and moms-to-never-be and with a little wine and lots of Christmas decorations these women decorate their houses, bond, and hijinks ensues.
Christmas/ Dark Dramedy

The Torture Report

Treatment – Stunning sequel to THE REPORT (2019). Based on true events.


Follow Assistant Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Regina Hanson, as she is asked to weave through the halls of congress and the intelligence community to perform an unofficial internal investigation into allegations of torture—what she finds goes back decades and involves “Hunter/Killer” Teams, and the infamous six-man psychological operations team known as the … Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse … led by someone only known as, the Invisible Hand. With the proverbial Pandora’s box of pain now open, the third highest-ranked director is running for her life.

Agent in Plain Sight

Treatment – Based on a true story.

Lieutenant Commander John Clement Klaren, USN, was a family man and highly respected Naval Supply Officer in the Pacific rim during the Vietnam War who took his secrets to the grave. LCDR Klaren not only worked for the US Navy, but he also worked for the CIA. This story was told to his eldest grandson by James William "Uncle Bill" Lair, CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer (SAD), immediately after his grandfather’s passing. LCDR Klaren supported Lair which led to the Vang Pao guerilla force winning the Laotian Civil War—one of a long list of successes. 

Operation Passport

Treatment – Based on a true story.

Corporate spy, Marcus Sinclair, was offered a lucrative contract—to hire a hacking team to get into the US State Department Diplomatic Passport division and find out who is selling diplomatic passports out the back door. The client, the National Security Agency. What comes next is the stuff of legends.

The Butchers' Trail

Treatment – Based on a true story.


Based on the book, The Butcher’s Trail, by UK Guardian editor and best-selling author Julian Borger. This story chronicles the US Navy criminal investigator, Commander James Dewey Wallace, III, as he leads a crack team into the horrific world of the Bosnian Genocide and Kosovo War and the eventual man hunt for the top of the 161-member list issued by the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY).
DocuDrama/Thriller/True Crime

Cambridge Takes Down America

Treatment – Based on a true story.


Based in part from the books, MINDF*CK, TARGETED, and LEAKED. This docudrama follows Stan Murkowski, former CIA psychological operations officer specializing in a unique form of psychological warfare called, mass population manipulation, or in other words, “hearts and minds”. In 2015 he was invited into SCL Group or aka, SCL Elections, who was given direct access to a United States Presidential candidate who lacked both conscience and ethics. Follow the team whose election manipulation resume includes over 200 election campaigns in 30 countries spanning five continents as they legally steal a US election.
DocuDrama/Thriller/True Crime

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