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JD Hints at the Next Book

Award-winning author, JD Wallace, launches a new historical spy thriller book series, based in the 1990s. JD tells the story of two real life spies, she's Mossad and he's CIA. Together, in Book 2, the SILENT CATS chase a well-funded master villain only to find a world wrapped in conspiracy theories -- the origins of NESARA, the Global Currency Reset (GCR), the dead currency ReValuation (RV) and how these became Cambridge Analytica and then . . . QAnon. Did a sovereign banking family start these conspiracy theories then buy the debt of a New York real estate billionaire in the 1990s only to force him to become president with one single purpose . . . destroy the United States of America?

Follow the SILENT CATS, Kat and Pantera, as they traverse the onion-layered world of intelligence peddlers, child traffickers, and spy hunters in this fictionalized true story of a married couple who live in the middle space between love and death.

Read the first book in the series, SILENT CATS: Deadly Dance now ... to prepare you for the soon to be released book two, SILENT CATS: Conspiracy.


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