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#SILENTCATS Thanks N.N. Light

It has been a little over a decade since our intrepid intelligence warrior lost his wife and children and two years of being poked and prodded by the author JD Wallace to get his story out in the public eye.

N.N. Light was the first to brave those treachous waters by posting a full interview to help get the story out and those of us at Team #SILENTCATS are truly appreciative for her efforts. Read the interview here.

JD Wallace brings a small amount of fiction to the true story of the sixteen year relationship of a Mossad Kidon Katsa and a CIA Clandestine Operations Officer. This genre-blurring novel has received acclaims from romanace readers to hard-core spy & military readers. Quoting Mark Twain, "Truth is stranger than fiction."

Come join us and see how spies date, mate, and fall in love.

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