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It can take hundreds to thousands of hours of meetings and pitches for a script to gain traction in the TV market. This list is not exhaustive and none of these individuals have made any commitment, implied or otherwise, to take action on this script. What they have done … is simply state that they like the script and will move it to the next person in their organization. Humility is key and merely providing a RECOMMEND stamp on a script is a huge accomplishment. We are very appreciative for their vote of confidence.

We would also like to send out a big THANK YOU for the team at STAGE 32, who made it possible to meet these industry professionals.

"The conversation with Will was magical and all over the place (in a good way)," said JD Wallace. Will is the Vice President of Production for IAN BRYCE PRODUCTIONS. If this production company doesn't ring a bell, well, have you heard of TRANSFORMERS, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, ALMOST FAMOUS and Michael Bay's SIX UNDERGROUND? Will gave the script a rating of: RECOMMEND -- and he is going to ask his boss, IAN BRYCE to read it. We are absolutely ecstatic about Will's belief in the script and concept.

"I cannot say what a fun and exhilarating conversation I had with Robbie," said JD Wallace. Robbie Combs is the Feature and TV Development Executive at CAPTIVATE ENTERTAINMENT. If you have heard of the movie JASON BOURNE and TV Series on USA Network, TREADSTONE, then you have heard of Captivate. Robbie gave the script a rating of: RECOMMEND -- and he is asking his boss, BEN SMITH to read it. We are humbled by the masters of spies shows being interested in our little spy show.

"David really understood the true story aspect of the script and found the concept truly engaging," said JD Wallace. David Tilson is the Development Executive with NV FILMS and has placed a rating of: RECOMMEND on the script.

If you have heard of ViacomCBS, then having the opportunity to spend some time with Janean Jefferies, Development Executive, is a person we highly recommend talking to. She is a wonderful person and asks great deep conceptual questions. Janean has given SPIES, LIES, and LOVERS a rating of: RECOMMEND. We hope we can work with Janean in the future.

"Michael asked for the script after a pitch session AND gave me all 5s on my pitch," said JD Wallace. Michael Ewing, Creative Executive for ACG Studios reporting directly to the CEO, STUART FORD.  ACG Studios has produced shows of such calibre as LOCKED DOWN (HBO Max) and VOYAGERS with Colin Farrell for Lionsgate. Micheal has given the script a rating of RECOMMEND and he hopes Stuart will option it.

Scott Schulman

"We had a long fruitful conversation. Scott mentioned he was so connected to the opening scene it was like he was in the room," mentioned JD Wallace. Scott Schulman has recently hung out his own literary management shingle, Schulman Management. JD was disappointed that Scott didn't take him on as a client, he did give the script a rating of: RECOMMEND.

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