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For those of you who know the characters, take a look at the actors we think would ideally fit each role. We would like to hear from you. Could you see these actors playing these parts or would you recommend someone else? Please note that we are very early in the process of reaching out to these actors' managers to review the script and no one has been attached as of yet.

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Alyn Katryna "Kat" David



Kat has been driven her whole life. Ever since the day, as a teenager, she stood over the body of the uncle who molested her ... with a blood-soaked misericorde. Sorbonne graduate. Seven languages. Black belt in Wushu Kung Fu and Krav Maga. Parkour Master. Definition of lethal elegance.

Kat must wrestle with her past while gaining rank as a Kidon Katsa and how it fuels her passion to focus on assignments that involve fake men. Then she stumbles across a man that doesn’t offend her. This throws her into a tail-spin from which she might not recover.

Kat must not let her past control her, dive deep into why she has feelings for a rough-hewn American, and team with him to find a well-funded master spy.

Marcus Lachlan "Pantera" Sinclair



Pantera was dropped off on his grandparents’ doorstep within a year of his birth. A blood-Jew raised Catholic hating his bio-mom, he embraces over 10 years of Uncle Bill’s “games”. Unbeknownst to him, Uncle Bill is not just a truck driver, but a retired CIA Intelligence Medal of Merit award recipient.

At 19, his life is turned upside down when the only father he ever knew, and trusted, dies. Uncle Bill introduces this Army Ranger Medic to Jack Barnett who transfers him to the CIA’s psychological operations officer program to be a HUNTER. He spends the next three years at “The Farm” realizing Uncle Bill’s games and that he has a natural ability to “read” deception. Then on his first deep cover mission to hunt a mole, he meets ... her.

Alona David

Kat's Sister - Mossad

Born the third child and first girl, Alona grew up want of nothing ... intimately familiar with Gucci, Prada, and Italian expresso.

Keeping with the family business, Alona works for Mossad as a Sayan in Milan, Italy, while keeping a cover as an editor for a local newspaper.

Alona is highly protective of Kat, being the older sister, but knows Kat is haunted and the world’s best at her job. Alona tries to keep Kat even-keeled, even as Kat fights her inner conflict and rages against the “man rules”.

Though she understands the family she is apart of, she does not always align with them. Deep down she is just a smart Jewish girl looking for a smart, rich Jewish boy—which could be her family’s undoing.

Christopher "Grit" O'Malley

Pantera's Platoon Leader - UNSOG


Grit is a US Marine Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) leading second platoon in the UNSOG (United Nations–Special Operations Group) based in Naples, Italy.

Loving husband to his beautiful high school sweetheart and three kids, Grit rose to the top of the Marine Corps sniper world by having an uncanny ability to build improvisational strategy in the field and always win.

When Pantera arrived at the group they became fast friends—Pantera spent a year as a kid in Grit’s hometown of Gatlinburg, TN. Grit looks at Pantera as that crazy younger brother.

Jack Barnett

Deputy Director - Operations


Jack is your stereotypical CIA station chief. He has walked through hell and lived not to talk about it.

Degree from Brown, decorated Marine Infantry officer, and almost 10 years with the CIA, Jack gets a call from an old boss, Uncle Bill.

By day, Jack is chief of the world’s deadliest paramilitary force. On the side, he’s been handed what could be America’s most effective hunter and deception expert.

Michoel Bergmann

Kat's Handler and Chief of Station in Rome


Michoel abhors violence. With no military experience his vision is on the ambassador chair. But he knows that for an Israeli station chief he still must work with the Kidon. He just never planned on having to work with someone like Kat.

Outside the office, Michoel needs the limelight: women, cars, and parties. He wears nice clothes, drives a nice car, and for all intents and purposes is a nice guy.

Tal Cohen

Master Spy - Mole

Tal lost her father, the Ambassador to the United States, when she was a young girl. Since then, the anger has been in a box beneath her bed. Soon, the box will be opened.

Oxford educated, Rothschild trained, and Mossad employed, Tal has spent 20 years being Israel’s deadliest woman ... then she met Kat on a Kosovo mission where Kat’s brother died.

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