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Journey to the Screen

For 2021 and 2022, JD and Jennifer will be working tirelessly on the pilot script titled, SPIES, LIES, and LOVERS, to bring Kat, Pantera, Alona, Grit, Jack, Uncle Bill, and the treasonous Tal Cohen to a TV network screen near you. They are meeting everyone from production company development executives to potential talent and producers.

Begin the Journey Here

This is the latest information on the script's journey from who JD & Jennifer pitched, what the outcome was, and what producers have shown an interest in the concept.

To get a script noticed, screenplay festivals and competitions are required. Here are a list of competitions and festivals SPIES, LIES, and LOVERS has been entered and its placement.

If you have read the book (thank you!), then you are very familiar with the characters. However, now let's take a look at how JD & Jennifer see those roles being cast by which actors. This is just a wish list and none of these actors have attached to the script at this time.

As with any novel, the opening of any story is key to grabbing the audience's attention. After nearly a dozen coverages and feedback reviews from a number of current TV show staff writers, including, but not limited to, shows like, JACK RYAN--JD & Jennifer believe this is the best opening. This comes with the caveat that when a production company options the script (and concept) the kind of trouble Kat and Pantera get into could be even better.

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